Your Life Compass

8-week Coaching Program

Find Out

  1. What are your Life Values and how do you know you are achieving them?
  2. What’s unique about you – what are your special gifts? attributes? talents and skills?
  3. What truly makes you come alive? What will bring you the greatest joy?

Discover your overall Life Direction! Which way you should be heading to feel the most fulfilled.

How This Works
I send you a series of exercises by e-mail, along with explanations. You send the completed exercises back to me. At the end, I help you analyze the results to find your “common threads.” Where your life values, skills/attributes and interests LINK UP is the key to your overall Life Direction!

What You Get
Apart from the thought-provoking exercises that will come to you by e-mail, you will have my services as a personal Life Coach for 8 weeks. You send me your questions and comments and receive insightful answers by e-mail.

Benefit from the PROVEN SUCCESS of a process that has now been tested through my workshops and personal Life Coaching. Isn’t it time to find the clarity you have been longing for?