WorkShop Events

The following are offered by Thelma Mariano in Montreal, Canada.

  • The Joy Club

    A 9-month personal development program/friendship club to Create a Happier Life, held during 2006-2007 and again during 2008-2009. Future dates have not been determined. For details, click here.

Workshops below have been successfully given either through organizations or to the public at large and are available for groups upon request.

  • Discover Your Life Purpose

    Do you want more meaning in your life?
    Have you ever wondered what you’re REALLY here for?

    Follow Thelma Mariano on her own journey from corporate job to life coach, writer and motivational speaker. For details, click here.

  • Create Your Own Multiple Income Streams

    Make $$ money doing what you love!

    This workshop is for anyone who wants to make a living from more than one source â€“ and is of particular interest to artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs. For details, click here.

  • Single & Loving It!

    Stop Putting Yourself on Hold.
    Create a Life You Love… Starting Now.

    A self-empowerment workshop for singles, given in two parts. Did you know that 45% of Montrealers are single? You‘re in good company! This is a great time to explore what you truly want, as well as to forge new friendships. For details, click here.

  • Find Your Mid-Life Passion
    This popular lecture was given in the corporate workplace as well as to the public at large. For details, click here.

  • Dream Achievers
    An 8-session personal development program and discussion group