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Sell Your Skills & Expertise

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross,
there lies your vocation.” — Aristotle

Are you looking to make extra money? Or want to find ways to live without a regular job so that you will have more time for your family and interests? Consider selling your skills and/or expertise.

Work Skills

What are your marketable skills and how much are they worth? Can you contract these skills out or offer them on a part-time basis?


  • computer skills (website design, troubleshooting, temp with MS Office skills)
  • writing skills (write for local paper or magazines, do flyers and brochures for small companies, copywriting, editorial services)
  • organizational skills (assist others with time management or space clearance)
  • management skills (lead programs or groups)

Can you continue to work part-time or on a consulting basis for your former employer? Many people do this after leaving their full-time jobs – whether it’s to help out in peak periods, to work on a project basis or as a regular part-time employee. Or, depending on the type of business you are in, as a self-employed person you may be able to work for some of your former clients on a contractual basis.

You can also use your skills and experience elsewhere. For example, an insurance benefits counselor at a large corporation left to start a freelance career and gain more flexibility in her life. She now offers her services to several small companies and works one day a week at each company.

See the value of the skills you now have and then consider the different ways you can offer them for money. Think outside the box!

Interest Skills & Expertise

Do you have an area of knowledge or expertise that people will pay you for? For example:

  • financial planning
  • how to grow your own herbs
  • play the piano
  • teach a language
  • become a travel guide
  • dance (can tutor or teach; offer line dancing or square dancing to the public)

Often our interest and knowledge in a certain area
can blossom into a money-making venture
as others turn to us for information and advice:

  • Sandra Phillips, a veteran of bargain shopping, is now a “consumer consultant.” Her breadth of knowledge led to a weekly newspaper column, a successful book called Smart Shopping Montreal (now in its 19th edition) and requests for appearances on TV as well as on phone-in radio shows.
  • Leila Peltosaari was a stay-at-home mother with a fondness for sewing and costume design. She became a successful self-publisher of easy-to-read sewing books (over 200,000 copies sold). Her latest bestseller is Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids. To read how she did it, go to or go to her website at

What have you become good at?
Know a lot about?

Many adult education courses are given by people who have experience in the field but do not necessarily have teaching credentials.

For example, my local community college has a Lifestyles Program that offers the following classes: Cake Decorating for Beginners, Home Decorating and Design, Boat Model Building, Organic Gardening, Chinese Painting & Calligraphy, Dog Grooming Workshop, How to Look Beautiful.. At Any Age, Golf for Women, The Joy of Public Speaking, Business Writing That Works, Discover Your Psychic Abilities, Beyond Positive Thinking and many more.


  • sell written info (print books, magazine articles, e-books sold on the Net)
  • give workshops or individual coaching
  • lecture
  • lead teleclasses (register with

For help and support in developing your own income streams using your skills and expertise, see Create Your Own Income Streams –Coaching Program.